HubLink for Operators

  • Real-Time Availability

    Use six different options to find available vessels using real-time information. No more tangled email chains or followup phone calls.

  • Consolidated Communications

    Email, text, and in-app message your vendors from within HubLink. Keep a record of all communications in one convenient location.

  • Unlimited Users and Charters

    Your subscription covers an unlimited number of charters and users.

  • Get Service, Not Sales Pitches

    HubLink allows operators to control the conversation. Only receive messages from your vendors and those owners you contact.

Safety First

Use HubLink’s SOS feature to rapidly notify other users about substantial maritime disasters. Examples would include well-control emergencies, platform fires, persons overboard, vessels in distress, and other emergencies that pose significant risks to people, property, and the environment.

All Your Charter Agreements in One Place

Use HubLink to electronically sign and archive all your company's charter agreements.