Use HubLink to quickly browse your vendor network’s inventory, find exactly what you need, and electronically sign agreements.

Marine equipment available now. Other spokes forthcoming.


  • Streamlined Rental Agreements

    HubLink helps streamline and standardize asset information. Find what you need. See if it's available. eSign an agreement.

  • Communicate Effectively

    HubLink offers real-time availability information and chat features.

  • Increase Revenue and Eliminate Waste

    Increase conversion rates and decrease wasteful spending by removing inefficiencies associated with emails and phone calls.

  • Negotiate Rates

    Get the best price. Negotiate rental rates within HubLink.

All Your Rental Agreements in One Place

Use HubLink to electronically sign and archive all your company's rental agreements.

Safety First

Use HubLink’s SOS feature to rapidly notify other users about emergencies. Examples would include well-control emergencies, platform fires, persons overboard, vessels in distress, and other emergencies that pose significant risks to people, property, and the environment.

HubLink supports both drills and live emergencies.

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Why HubLink?

  • Share Information

    Equipment moving unexpectedly or available sooner than expected? Keep everyone up to speed with HubLink's real-time information and messaging features.

  • Monitor Workflows & Spending

    Monitor messages, negotiations, and user activity. See exactly how much you're making from, or spending on, asset rentals.

  • Find What You Need

    HubLink's intuitive sorting feature will help you find the asset you need.

  • HubLink Saves Time

    In the office, at home, on the road -- reclaim the time you spend researching and negotiating asset rentals.

  • Increase Awareness

    Discover asset vendors you might not otherwise be familiar with.

  • Transparent Pricing

    Negotiate the best price. Spend competitively.


Build Great Professional Relationships

Move beyond tangled email chains and endless followup phone calls. HubLink streamlines asset data, offers users real-time availability information, and allows users to keep a record of all communication in one convenient location.

Thought Leadership

HubLink is an expression of an emerging trend in the energy industry. Increasingly, oil and gas thought leaders are advocating for the use of digital solutions like HubLink to boost efficiency, put downward pressure on costs, and increase revenue.

Interested in specific ways HubLink can help your bottom line? Review the HubLink ROI calculator.

from “It’s Time For Big Oil To Embrace The Digital Age,” (Feb 07, 2017) and “The next frontier for digital technologies in oil and gas,” McKinsey & Company (August 2016)